Sunday, June 7, 2009

Keep Your Van Legal & Safe

If you use your car to work on your vehicle and possibly only means of transport, you can podcjenjuju importance of performing regular maintenance of engines. And to ensure that your vehicle is regularly maintained and receive each year mot, it is important that other, regular maintenance, not only to ensure that your vehicle is legal, but to protect themselves to prevent accidents. According to the Ministry of Transport, United Kingdom has more than 300,000 accidents per year. Vans account for around one-third of that amount, and if human error was responsible for negligence, the majority of vehicle also plays its part, representing approximately 15% of total amount. Maintenance of vehicles is not necessary to save money can help save lives.

May surprise you to know, to regularly maintain your vehicle can reduce van insurance. If you are involved in an accident and find your vehicle does not meet certain security requirements, your argument is invalid. This means you are responsible for all costs of repairs of vehicles, and the second for the car, other drivers. And vice versa, regular maintenance and good behavior in front of a writer to reduce their risk. Over time, this can lead to a good insurance market and more use.

Most of the basic maintenance is often the most neglected. Check tires, oil and water, brake fluid, and even something as simple as a plate May to contribute to protection against accidents and unnecessary expenses.

You should check your tire pressure and wear at least once a month. Always use both reduce the causes and results in a greater risk of accidents, hit-or the inability to perform on time. The manual of your vehicle is connected to all the details on your tire pressure, but you can also check online if you do not have access to leadership. Tire swirl is important, and less than 1.6 mm in the tread of the tires is not only extremely dangerous, but they are fine and three points in the driver's license and fine up to £ 2,500 for the tired. At all points the license holder must submit to their insurance company that any future application, it is not removed, but additional points higher than the general licensing of commercial insurance.

Oil and water are two main elements that keep engines running. Oil keeps the different parts of the motor is lubricated, to avoid overheating the water. Failure to prove, they can lead to overheating or "taken" the engine. Confiscated the engine occurs, causing the expansion of the heat engine and grinding against each other. Unless they are very happy, to have this take on the charge of a new engine. You should check the level every time when it was a month ago or a long trip.

Marriage water is very simple, but effective maintenance. Make sure the tank for the brake fluid is correct, then make sure the brakes work effectively as possible. This manner can help accident, and to defend any claims you have an accident in May when the brakes should be resolved.

Perhaps the simplest view, the driver can do is look in the washing screen. It is necessary to ensure that it is sufficient, you can ensure that your profile will not affect potential dangerous situations.

Most of these basic maintenance can be done once a month and is a part of the property, the owners work. Not only may help to prevent accidents, they can also save neľeljenih bill, but they can save money on your van.

1965 Shelby GT-350

In 1965 Ford mustang one the most successful car built for more than a million sales in the first eighteen months. This is the icon of a car based on the 1965 Shelby gt-350-1964 c. Ben, the legendary Carroll Shelby was approached by Ford to race in the 1965 edition of the popular mustang. Shelby is a student in 1950s to 1960, he retired, the authors are better cars

Shelby built 100 of these cars in the first year, 1965. All painted in blue, white Pinstripes. Best-tuned version of the mustang is a mustang called for a large picture of performance and was very successful in these needs. Car won five times in American sports car club room six times in the first year and went to the SCCA B-Production champion three consecutive years. They said almost as a legal street racing ever offered to the U.S. motor company.

Difference between regular mustang with higher pump motor and suspension. Shelby added four hours barrel carburetor, the free flow of exhaust headers and high performance modifications. Ford Galaxie rear axle assembly was replaced by staff and older and rear drum brakes and new front disc brakes. A series of applications-alloy wheels and tires for high performance water and quick ratio steering boxes in his handling of the Shelby gt-350 is more impressive than the standard feral is completely known that heavy understeer. The Shelby gt-350 is the speed of 130 miles per hour, and evaluated the effectiveness of the standard 271 horsepower, vs. 306 in the mustang. The mandatory the reporting of more than 400 horsepower plus compressor, cutting time zero and five of 60 seconds.

The outer layers of steel was replaced by glass in hood scoop functional. The Shelby racing belts, and the lack of rear seat to be eligible for Shelby gt-350, a sports car in the SCCA rules. During the first 250 or so, white and blue stripes in the last century came in red, blue, green and black and white stripes. Shelby said, finally, an optional fold-down rear seat.

Although the gt-350 version is planned for The Streets of Shelby gt-350R model, features the track, including the high performance heads, ribbons and interior, super suspension and other changes, reducing weight over 300 pounds.

All 562 Shelby gt-350 cars produced in 1965 to less than thirty-350R Racing gt. The starting price of $ 4,547, ie more than several thousand feral V8, and over several hundred Sheva corvette. Although they are quite expensive when first sold to many critics believe that is not collectible status, to achieve, because he had much. Now, the car is still very popular with collectors. Although the highest number Diecast model car Enthusiasts and collectors appetite pedal car version of this classic sports car meet.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

The 2009 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class adds the GL320 BlueTEC, powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel that produces 210 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 to 2,400 rpm combined with a 7-speed driver adaptive automatic transmission and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive. The GL320 BlueTEC uses ADBlue exhaust injection for an 80 percent reduction in NOx emissions and is approved for use with B5 biodiesel. Also for 2009, Keyless-Go is standard for the GL550 and PRE-SAFE preventive occupant protection system is standard for all trim levels. The available rear-seat entertainment system includes two eight-inch screens, wireless headphones and an integrated DVD player with dual-source capability. A new multimedia head unit includes a more colorful display, in-dash 6-disc CD/DVD changer and Bluetooth hands-free connectivity.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chevrolet Corvette

One of the most classic American sports cars is the Chevrolet Corvette, which was first introduced in 1953. It was the first completely American sports car built by an American car company, which is why it is often referred to as "America's Sports Car".

Today, Corvettes are manufactured in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they are created with great care. Though the main complaint with the car was its handling, Corvettes' handling has been continually improved to be on a par with popular European sports cars. However, they still remain relatively affordable, which is perhaps another one of the reasons why they continue to be such popular sports cars.

Corvettes are also created to be far simpler than the technical sports cars seen in Europe, which is one of the reasons they are cheaper. Due to their simplicity, Corvettes tend to be smaller and weigh less than sports cars manufactured abroad. The famous car designer Harley Earl was the person who originally designed the beloved Chevrolet sports car. He noticed that soldiers after the Second World War were bringing back European sports cars and that America didn't really have one. At the 1953 Motorama car show, the Corvette that Earl designed was finally unveiled to the shocked public.

The body of the car was originally made with fiberglass, which was brand new at the time. The performance of the car was similar to other Chevrolets produced at the time, but when Chevrolet released it with the first V8 engine in 1955, it became more powerful and therefore quite popular.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Build a Car Runs With Water

With gas prices on the rise almost every single day now, you must be looking for an alternative. Well now there is one, build a car that runs with water. I did it as an alternative to the high price of fuel and have gotten amazing results.

I know what you are thinking, yet another gadget or money grabbing gimmick. Trust me this is not at all. I know that the name makes people think that you only run you car with water, which actually water is integrated with your fuel in small quantities to achieve the increases in gas mileage of your vehicle - and it will definitely improve your gas mileage.

I know this because I learned how to build a car that runs with water, it improved my mileage by 48%, so thats a $45 in fuel savings each week. It took me about a day and a half to complete the whole process, that time was spent going to my local hardware store and getting all the parts and installing the system. You don't need any real mechanical skills either, cause the plans where so simple to read and follow.

It has been about 8 weeks sense I installed the system and the results where way above expectations. The investment that I put into it paid for it's self after the first 6 weeks. Now I am not as ticked at the price of rising fuel as much as I used to be, which is a big life saver when you travel an hour each way to work each and everyday.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mercedes Benz AMG

Mercedes AMG offers a high quality car that has a warranty of three years or 60,000 miles. Depending upon the make and model of Mercedes Benz you own you can readily own a car which offers generous gas mileage [particularly as a diesel] and numerous optional features which make those long trips more economical and safer, not to mention more comfortable.

The newest of the Mercedes AMG cars are designed to support GPS systems as well as the new satellite radio. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your adventures and less looking at a map trying to find out where you are going. This is especially important if you are driving on your own to a place that you've never been.

You can purchase your Mercedes AMG with metallic paint in a wide variety of colors. You may also like being able to choose the type of seat covers which are in your car and even the style of wheels which will come installed. Buying your new Mercedes is a truly personal experience and you alone are in control of what you receive. Though, sometimes you have to order your features in advance as the car that want may not be available in your country yet.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2010 Mazda 3

The 2010 Mazda 3 is no stranger to the automotive press with dozens of spy shots popping up over the past few months and speculative renderings coming from all around the world. Because the Mazda 3 is Mazda's top selling vehicle in the U.S. it's not hard to see why it is drawing in so much excitement surrounding its unveiling at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The redesign couldn't come up at a better time for Mazda when, even in the midst of a languishing economy, the Mazda 3 continues to be a hot seller among the ultra competitive compact car segment against the likes of the newly revised Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Although nothing is set in stone (read: confirmed by Mazda) yet we have created a list of what to expect when the Mazda 3 is officially unveiled by Mazda: First, the current 2.3 liter motor will be swapped out in favor of Mazda's 2.5 liter currently in the 2009 Mazda6. This will bring power up to around 170 hp, from the current 150-156 hp of the Mazda 3 s-line and will offer both a six speed manual transmission and a five speed sport automatic transmission. The Mazda 3 i-line is expected to carryover its 2.0 liter engine and transmission options.